lunedì 14 maggio 2012

Dark shadows

Rated 5

Recommended to fans of Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and nostalgic of Edward Scissorhands

Until the end of the movie you do not understand the gender of this work, whether comedy, thriller or horror.
I think it is a hodgepodge of genres sold well thanks to a catchy trailer and nothing more.
The plot:
The Collins family set sail from England towards the new world. Here's son, Barnabas, meets a witch who does not give his love and refused her so she kills all the people who he loves and then she turns him into a vampire. Not content, she put him buried in a wood. Live. Two hundred years after the unfortunate vampire finds freedom and returns to the his family home where he discovers that there are still outstanding Collins.
But not only ...also the old mistress is ready waiting for him with open arms to try to persuade him to love her for eternity. Barnabas, however, has only one goal in mind: to bring to the enamel of the Collins family and be able to love freely.
Will it succeed?

Depp is a copy of itself. White face and hands deformed, it seems Edward Scissorhands ten years later.
Usually cameo of the director's wife, Helena Bonham Carter ...
Intense test of Eva Green in the role of repudiated and terribly angry lover.
The beloved Barnabas, Bella Heathcot, is such that I had never seen. In the film always seems dull and almost no makeup, but seeing it in the original language .... I must say it has a pleasant voice.
And then there's she: Michelle Pfeiffer, a crash, both physically and as acting. In my opinion, the true "revelation" of the film! Burton rediscover her. Bravo!
Children are: Gulliver McGrath, disturbing, and the now ubiquitous Chloe Grace Moretz, which always has the same expression pissed off. I hope that she learns to do another face!

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