venerdì 29 giugno 2012

Mario's day - not always Balotelli

June 28, 2012: Italy - Germany = 2-1
The most beautiful day in Mario's life.

He said that, when the game ended, to the microphones of RAI."These two goals are for my mother, has a certain age and she came here for me."

While on internet is full of sentences and articles on Balotelli player that plays and helps to win the National with a smile, I still think of his face as a kid (21 years old and we often forget it).A boy of 1.90 meters that after the race runs to hug and kiss his mother in the stands.
It makes me smile thinking about those in all that happened last night and spoke only in the first race of his muzzle and his failure to celebrations. As if a player must be judged by the facial expressions ..! People who now love he and recognize the merits but only stop at the front, demonstrating once again how the people affects only the appearance and not substance.Balotelli has always been strong, with his smile or not.
The great thing is that this guy is a real person and does not smile because someone wants him to do it.But above all, a person who, after the race that will take him to his first European final, live on television is not ashamed to say that his "victory" it was only for his mom!I'm a sportswoman.
I play a sports where the few fans are often...our own parents. But not all parents. A sadness! It 'true that games can be boring (but Did you saw Spain - Portugal of these Europeans?!) or distant but that a parent never go to see his son in his game ... this is something that is outrageous.Other than escort, music or fines ... Balotelli is a talent uncomfortable because he creates envy. He 's young, strong, is a winner, has a gorgeus physique and has a close family.People envy him for this reason!
Why he had to give a smiles to people who threw to him banana or which often offer only a chorus of boos or speak of him as a geek?
Years ago, Madonna said, "speak good or evil talk, it is important that they speak!"
Balotelli will always news, but yesterday, despite the bedlam unleashed around that victory, Mario was just a kid who loves what he does for work and ended the game could not wait to join his mother and to make she (again ) proud.

Because life is made of these things: family and values ​​and envious can do nothing but only talk. Air!
Come on Mario forever.

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