giovedì 22 agosto 2013

Crete? Deserving island! Two advice to start

I went to crete for my 2013 holiday: 21 days on a isle of which people often didn’t speak well instead…I love it!
Before to start speaking about it I would like to give you some advice:
  • From West Coast to East Cost there are about 330 km and you can spend 5 hours of travel time.
  • From North Coast to South Coast there are about 90 km (the maximum gap) and you can spend 2 hours of travel time.
Why do I say this to you?

Because also if this isle likes small Crete has a lot of mountains and some of this are 2.400 metres: streets are often bow-street and you have to drive at 40 km/h.

Fuel are more expensive than in Italy (average of 1.88€/litre)

o    Street’s rules are often neglets (you can find car stopped after bow! And when you drive on the national road you have to drive in the emergency road because the car back have to  overtaking)

 On the North there is slight sea

o    On the South there is calm sea

o    For three weeks, if you organized well and in time, you can spend about € 1.600 pp all inclusive (fligh, rent car, fuel, studios, food, tickets for museum, souvenirs etc etc)

o    So? What are you waiting for?

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