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What do you do at night in Scotland? An example in Gairloch!

To the north: From Portree to Gairloch

We left Skye at 9.30, angry because our room mates woke up at 7:30 and made ​​a mess deadly.
Stop for fuel and then off to the North.
We decided to take the long way and go to the coastal towns. Two and a half hours instead of 50 minutes.
We left that there was the fog but after turning a corner ... opened the sky bringing us another day without rain, spectacular! Sun up till 22 and ... hot!
While from Italy our friends continuet to wrote us meteorological sms with only HOT HOT HOT, here we had to run for cover with a "uniform" improvised shirt and shorts. Cool!
At the entrance of a road greeted us the following sign: Road not recommended for beginners or inexperienced drivers.
Thing that could deter a neo driver left but not Tweety, which her soul is like a real "guidart" (neologism to describe a person who walks car) has embarked on the road with energy, enthusiasm and courage. To the top of a mountain we found an amazing sight: in front of us was supposed to be seen the sea and the islands and instead there were very low cloud that took the place. It was like
in a world upside down!
Here we met a very nice German who saw us taking pictures and then he offered to help us take a picture together. Yet another nice person met on this journey in which, apart from some Italian, we found so many cute people.
Then we passed LOCHARRON, Applecross (and his party country), KENMORE, Shieldaig and TORRIDON we finally arrived at our destination: GAIRLOCH, a seaside town with a deadly wind.
Our accommodation was a CARAVAN!
Inside, however, there were no sheets and blankets. Panic!
We drove around looking for a store that sold but the prices were exorbitant. We went back to our campsite and instead disheartened with only £ 10 each we got a sleeping bag.
The caravan was pretty, with kitchen and lounge chairs.
But the evening was the best time of the day. After dinner of ORKNEY CHEDDAR (like fontina cheese very yellow and very chewy, good!) We challenged the sleep that arrives on time at 21.30. Little game of cards and then ... in life! Leaving the campsite we turned the corner and we go to the pub-restaurant-hotel nearby.
Enter in one of these places is beautiful. Open the door and all will turn to see you :-)
The foreigners!
The pub was the best equipped: there was also a pool table and darts.
Full as usual, the cost of the drinks are really insignificant compared to ours: a small beer costs 2 euros and even hard liquor does not exceed 3.50 euro.
Just got rid of the pool table we challenged and it took us forever to finish the game with balls of only two colors: yellow against red.
Then we went to the darts where we CLEARLY were noted and challenged by two unforgettable local boys: Richard & Bear.
Difficult to determine how much alcohol they had in the body ... the challenge was dominated by us all the time but in the last two shots have jokes. The score explained in English, together with rules, there is still unknown :-D
They wanted to offer us a drink and to our request for an orange juice have laughed in your face. So we toasted together with a sambuca.
Titti, Richard, Io & "Bear"
E. .. a thousand kisses and hug!
The climax was reached when we made the picture together. Held camera to a meter away without looking through the "viewfinder" and were the photos taken at the event ... but it was really a fun evening. Warm, friendly and special. Almost sorry to leave.
I felt like a little girl when she met nice friends on holiday and...she has to leave :-(
they gave me a great gift: one of the best memories of Scotland!

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