martedì 11 settembre 2012

10 good reasons to DON'T GO to Scotland

1 - could often RAIN
2 - winter or summer is no different. You'll have to wear always SWEATSHIRT
3 - the shops close at 17.30!
4 - there are Midges
5 - the Loch Ness Monster still has not seen and could trade you for him
6 - almost impossible to find a place to make a real CAFFE 'ITALIANO
7 - do not exist SHUTTERS and windows often have only thin white curtains (!) so who has a light sleeper be warned
8 - the SWEET are too good (and too caloric). You will be at high risk extra weight
9 - is EXPENSIVE, compared to Italy. Since the cost of housing up to the one for the food in the restaurants
10 - you will not find anywhere the GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT

Reasons based on my personal experience

But...there are also 10 good reasons to visit Scotland!

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