lunedì 10 settembre 2012

10 good reasons to visit Scotland

After having "stressed" with dozens of reports on my recent trip I decided to draw up a personal ranking to help you better understand the positive aspects of Scotland:

1 - SCOTTISH people are very nice
2- ROADS in the North are beautiful for those who love to drive: they seem drawn.
3 - SHEEP and cows everywhere. Not to mention the REAL GULLS (we do not know if they are more troublesome for you to do or for the continuous risk of being affected by their droppings)
4 - the TESCO! A supermarket often open 24 hours!
5 - the SWEETs! For the sweets might be the place of perdition
6 - There are many PUBLIC BATHROOMS, free and clean
7 - 120 different types of WHISKY are enough for you?
8 - the Cullen skink, too good!
9 - FISH & CHIPS in every corner
10 - the Fringe, a famous festival in Edimburgh (August) in wich the streets of the city center are filled with artists offering their shows for free - but willingly accept offers

Everything is logically the result of my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE

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