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Cyclades – 1° step – Milan/Athens – Santorini

In 2011 summer I fulfilled my trip dream: Greece and its Islands.

I made all by myself, with Titti's help. Thanks to internet offers...I chose the flights, I bought ship tickets and I reserved all my accomodations. Some months of hard work!

This is my experience (in)to the Cyclades!.

Trip duration: 21 days

Destinations: Athens, Santorini, Syros, Paros, Mykonos
Money spent (flight, ferry, motor-scooter, apartment, food etc): 1800€ per person.

And now...have a good reading!

1.      Titti and I leave from Linate Airport in the 29th July of 2011. The flight ticket's price, Milan-Athens, was € 280 and the duration was around 2 hours. We arrived to Athens at midnight. We waited for sunrise and at 6 o’ clock we went to the port and we bought the ferry ticket (price € 50) for Santorini.
      8 hours to navy cross! In the ferry there are a sliding scale but only to get up; so pay attention to burden a lot. Luggage must be always closed because you have to leave it in hold. Wear a sweatshirt to protect yourself by air-conditioning. First advice: It’s better if you arrive directly at the first Island with plain and immediately book return ticket from the last Island because if you’ll find a slight sea..your move won’t nice. The ships are comfortable but I prefer them for short trip.

Santorini. The surprise of my holiday. Blu sea, black beach and…white small villages. You can turn around Island with small-motor but in the evening pay attention because streets are full of holes and the roads are not lighted. We stayed to Villa Maria in Akrotiri, small village in the South (nothing good to see) in a double room with bathroom and frigo. The accommodation was simple and only 15' from Thira (Capital). The house had also a beautiful swimming pool witha a view on the “Caldera”. The lack? the sea was in front but to reach it you had to
do at least ten minutes away by...motorbike. In Santorini we understood that for eat a real greek dishes we don’t have to go to the famous restaurant but in the unknown. Thanks to the Routard Guide I went to GIORGAROS, hide taver, difficult to find but spectacular as place and quality. Only with 10€ each we ate a big portion of fish. Forever in my heart!
To go to Thira, the capital, there are bus every ½ hours up to midnight; after there are taxi. This is a nice town full of shops and valuable boutiques. There are a lot of place coocking pita gyros, like kebab, the cost is 2€.
Ia or Oia dispute with Thira the title “MOST BEATIFUL place IN SANTORINI”. If is possible more bright than Thira and looks like a small town made with sugar.
Don’t forget your suntan cream ad a hat in the most of hot hours.
In the South you can go to AMMOUDI a very little harbor where you can see a sensational sunset.
KAMARI: small village full of young people and where is is KANTINA OMHNAE shop that sells amazing souvlaki only 80 cent each! Very nice owner.

My favourite place is PYRGOS the highest point of Santorini; walking in their valley is as walking into the labyrinth of white house. If you come must visit it. 
An advice for all islands: there are a lot of museum but..very difficult to find information about them.
Santorini’s sea is dark blue, cold and clean and the sand is dark (volcanic).
This island last my favorite between Cyclades I saw (Syros, Paros, Mykonos and … Santorini). The time to visit it is about 3 days. 

read more about Cyclades: Syros!

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