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Welcome to Syros: the capital of Ciclades

Syros has always been considered the capital of the Cyclades. For both the large port and both to host the hospital best equipped of the famous islands.

The ship takes 6 hours to go from Santorini to Syros, usually. We spent 9 hours because of the rough sea.

Syros is not one of the most famous tourist destinations and yet has something that is worth a visit: it transmits an image of ancient Greece.

Ermoupoli, its capital, is the tipical sea village with restaurants and shops but nothing else. Here there is a real center of life, the Miaoulis Square. All the people come here in the evening to talk together, to listen concert or to look children play.

Below some things to know:

·                    An ice cream 5 € for one ball.

·                    Hire motor-scooter is cheap. Check immediately if the scooter run. Helmet is optional, nobody put it on the head also if there are a lot of policeman.

·                    In this island there is the most equipped hospital in the Cyclades.

·                    In the Platia Miaouli every night there is a show (concert-games) and is possible spend time seat on the steps; near this place there is a little street where you can eat a lot and spend few. 
platia Miaouli

·                    Above Ermoupoli there is Ano Siros, old hamlet parted from down village by 400 white steps. Deserve a tour

·                    Best of: Poseidonia and Mega Gialos (in greek pronunciation is amazing: mehaloialos!). Two little beach with the most beautiful sea I’ve ever seen. Crystalline water, milder weather and white sand. At Poseidonia there is also a shower on the beach!

·                    Few foreign and a lot of greek people

·                    Duration traver in Syros: 3 days.

·                    All people in the streets played backgammon, very interesting greek game (if you understand the rules).

·                    Sparkling water is in a small bottles (very small) and cost the double instead spring water.

·                    Alley cat in everywhere.

·                    I slept at Sea Colours, double room in a compound without elevator. The room was expose on the sea and there was a deck where you can eat. Spectacular. In the room there was a table, tv and closet-kitchen usefully to eat. To go to the sea we had to climb down 30 steps. No beach but wonderful water: transparent and breezy. Pay attention sea urchin. 

the steps between house and sea
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